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Golden Muños Law, LLC

About Us

At the immigration law firm of Golden Muños, we have twenty years of experience focused exclusively on the complex, changing laws regulating immigration in the United States. This focus has helped us build a reputation of exceptional and efficient solutions for immigrant clients across the Southeast. 

Immigration Law Firm in New Orleans


In addition to our focused immigration experience, our attorneys have a passion for helping clients with their immigration needs. At Golden Muños, we give our clients the personalized and compassionate legal attention that cannot be found at a larger immigration law firm


We make sure clients with urgent immigration needs get the help they require and that every client gets the attention his or her case deserves.  The current political climate is forcing change in the immigration world on an almost daily basis.  You must have the right attorney to help you prepare for the challenges ahead, and Golden Muños is ready to give you the best chance of success.  We look forward to working with you soon.

New Orleans Immigration Law Firm
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